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    Who could tell me what is the difference between court and courtyard?


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    court- it is to try to gain a favor
    to seek to gain or achieve while

    courtyard _ it is an encloser next to a building

    if you have more question look this one

    not sure i just want to try

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    Re: court/courtyard

    Not bad, wilma.

    "Court" can also be a noun, and it has many meanings:

    A place where justice is administered.
    An area surrounded by buildings and open to the sky.
    A certain kind of large house, or a palace.
    A king or queen, and all those who help them rule a country.
    A playing area for certain sports (e.g. tennis).

    "Courtyard" only has one meaning: it's an area surrounded on all four sides, often by buildings or at least walls, and open to the sky.


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