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    Question Will and would

    Kindly tell me difference use of will and would?

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    Re: Will and would

    Quote Originally Posted by Rasoolpuri View Post
    Kindly tell me difference use of will and would?
    That is too large a subject for a forum response. I suggest that you do two things.

    1. Go to a good dictionary (you can use ) and pull up "will" and "would". Look at the different sense and examples.

    2. Use Google to find a variety of sites that explain "modal verbs".

    If you have questions after that, we will try to help you.

    The modal verb "will" is used to form the future tense in English. As such, the verb carries a certain amount of prediction/certainty with it.

    The modal verb would is the past tense of "will". It is used to form many conditional constructions (hypothetical outcomes). As such, it carries a certain amount of conditional/hypothetical certainty about it. Note that even though "would" is a past tense verb, it is often used in the present to indicate the hypothetical nature of the action.


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