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  1. joseph boulos

    articles-2 to Mister Micawber!

    Hi Mister Micawber,

    Please check these sentences if they are right, the exercise was add (a, an, the or noting)
    1. As she was walking in THE street she looked at clothes in THE store windows.
    2. They were sailing along THE river watching clouds in THE sky.
    3. When I returned there was nobody at THE home.
    4. I met THE English boy the other day.
    5. He was A year old and couldn't climb THE alps.
    6. We make - butter and- cheese from -milk.
    7. - Corn grows in A field on A farm.
    8. Nicono is A Japanese name.

    Awaiting your comments,


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    Re: articles-2 to Mister Micawber!

    1. nothing ...looked at clothes
    2. nothing ...watching clouds
    3. nothing ...nobody at home
    4. "...met an English boy" unless there is only one, then "the English boy"
    5. correct...correct
    6. nothing...nothing...nothing
    7. nothing...corn grows
    8. correct

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