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    The world at the scale of atoms and molecules is difficult to describe and hard to imagine.

    At very small scales, the properties of a material, such as colour, magnetism and the ability to conduct electricity, also change in unexpected ways.

    What does scale mean? Can you replace it with another simple English word?

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    Re: Scale

    There isn't a simpler English word, although "size" comes close. In this context it means a reference size which you can use to compare other things.

    In the first sentence, for example, it means that you cannot imagine or describe what the world would look like if you could shrink yourself down to the size of an atom or a molecule.

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    Your explanation is quite good.

    Is it possible to know you more? Because I am postgraduate studying for MSc in Translation. I need to assure the meaning with native speaker. I might have some challenging grammatical questions in the future.

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    Re: Scale

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