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    family's blessing

    Dear Teachers,

    A. That leads me to believe that he needs his family’s blessing and isn’t willing to cut them out of his life.
    - What does “cut them out of his life” mean?

    B. I have been screwed over by every girl I’ve liked. Now I find myself very confused.
    - “I have been screwed over” means “I have been dumped”, right?

    Thanks a million


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    Re: family's blessing

    Cut them out of his life means to sever his ties with his family.

    Screwed over means treated badly, not necessarily dumped, maybe they took his money and affections or used him in an uncaring way. Deceived him, cheated on him, that sort of thing. Happens all the time

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    Post Re: family's blessing

    If you cut somebody out of your life you stop communicating with that person. You no longer have anything to do with that person.

    To be "screwed over" is to be mistreated. That, of course, can be any number of things. One example would be that a person deliberately stands you up (doesn't show up) for a date. There could, of course, be other examples. In any case, hurt feelings are always involved.


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