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    Unhappy What is "r-i-t-e"?


    I read a children's book. And I can't understand some part.

    "And why not?" Mr.Mirific seemed greatly amused.
    "Because it's wrong."
    "Sorry, got rid of that word. It's spelled 'r-o-n-g' now and two of them makes a 'r-i-t-e.'"
    "The new rules," said Olivier,remenbering what he had overheard at the So-Sos' campsite.

    Mr.Mirific can change spelling of word by adding or stealing letter.I understand that 'wrong' change 'r-o-n-g'. And what word changes 'r-i-t-e.'?
    I want to know how native speakers think by sense.

    In adition, I don't understand what two is. This two appears suddenly in this sentence.

    Could you answer my question?
    Thank you for your help


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    Re: What is "r-i-t-e"?

    2 traditional english phrases here are used as a play on words (one of the beautiful things about english).
    The first relates to the joke - what is always spelled wrong? answer - wrong!

    The second is to do with the phrase '2 wrongs do not make a right'. The meaning of this is that you don't correct a mistake with a mistake, or an injury with an injury.

    The passage is using these 2 phrases in tandem (combining them to add effect to the story).

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    Smile Re: What is "r-i-t-e"?

    I'm sorry for lating reply.
    And thank you very much for your help.
    It was very helpful, i could understand this sentence.

    thank you so much!


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