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Thread: past perfect?

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    past perfect?

    Could anyone please tell me if the text is grammatically correct?

    A few days ago, in the night, A gaint like man wearing a long black coat with a mask on his face came into my dream and told me that someone is trying to kill me. The next morning I found a man with the same appearance.

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    Re: past perfect?

    Better to say; 'A few nights ago I dreamt of a giant-like man with a long black coat and wearing a mask. In the dream he warned me that someone was trying to kill me. The next morning I saw a man with the same appearance...'

    'A few days ago, in the night' is incongruous. A small spelling mistake on 'giant' which should be hyphenated. Better to use smaller sentences to get your message across - i.e your dream, then the warning, then seeing the man in your dream. Do go on the suspense is killing me...

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