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    Cool to meet your request?

    Hi! If you see any mistakes, please correct them for me. I extremely appreiate your help.

    1. I would like to recomend Mr. White, who has full capability to meet your request, to you.

    2.I look forward to receiving your reply that you can provide us the accommodation.

    3. We will make a shippment as soon as we have a confirmation of your credit.

    4.We are pleased to enclose the shipping documents. As we agreed, we also enclosed 30 days at sight draft. Please return it to us after you receive it.

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    Re: to meet your request?

    1 who can meet your request in full
    2 sounds a bit weird to me- your reply about our accommodation
    3 shipment and delete 'a' before 'cinfirmation'
    3 as agreed...enclose

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