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    Question usage diffrences!

    i wnat to get some information about diffrences of goal & purpose usages.i am a EFL student

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    Re: usage diffrences!

    usages of what exactly? Can you give us a more specific question?

    The difference in the words is the difference between 'what' and 'why'

    Goal: what you are trying to do, regardless of why.
    Purpose: why, or the reason that, you do something.

    The goal is to collect 12,000,000 dollars in donations.
    The purpose is to feed all poor people in the country for a year.

    Your goal is to answer a question.
    The purpose of your post was to find the answer.
    My goal is to help you answer it.
    My purpose in responding is to ask for clarification, and to provide examples.
    The goal of these examples is to answer your question, even without understanding it fully.
    For what purpose do you ask this question, by the way?
    And I hope you attain your goal of better English!

    Full of purpose, but never attaining many goals, Jesse.

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