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    can you edit my essay?


    Internet is one of the most effective communication instrument. There are millions of internet users in the world. If the number is so huge, I think itís useful and necessary. What do you think about it?
    It provides gain of time for us. Thanks to it, you can get information quickly and easily. If you write a word in google, youíll face lots of data. Before internet, we had searched information in encyclopedias for a long time. Sometimes we couldnít find things we looked for. But now, itís impossible not to find anything we search. You can get whatever you want via internet.
    You can communicate with your friends easily and cheaply and even you can see them with internet. For example, youíre in Turkey; your friendís in Australia. There are thousands of kilometers between you. You can talk via telephone but moneyÖand you also canít see each other. Here, internet reduces the distance, which is between you, with only a monitor. Apart from this, you can also find friends, who have different cultures, and even lovers. Itís interesting.
    Moreover, itís an enjoyable instrument to spend funny time. There are thousands of games for all ages and forum sites to share your knowledge with other people. Namely internetís both gain of time and waste of time. But despite everything, itĎs a great invention.
    To conclusion, if you know how to use it correctly, internetís very useful. I wish to benefit from it very well, which was presented to the humanity.


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    Re: can you edit my essay?

    First paragraph

    The Internet is arguably the most effective means of communication in the world today. There are literally millions of internet users around the world. This number continues to grow so it would appear that it is both useful and necessary and here to stay. What do you think about it?

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    Re: can you edit my essay?

    thank you...:)

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