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    Question Shakespeare and colour symbolism

    Hello my friends,

    I'm writing an essay on colour symbolism in Shakespeare these days. Although I have searched a large number of articles (through Project Muse, JSTOR, etc.) and books, I haven't found something that refers specifically to the subject. (Of course I have found info in numerous articles, but I would like to know whether there is something already written specifically about it, and study it of course)

    Do you happen to know by any chance any book/article/website that deals with the subject?


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    Re: Shakespeare and colour symbolism

    Two titles, but you may have problems accessing them:

    Abdul-Majeed Jamziz : A Study of Colour Words in Shakespeare's Works (Univ. of Sheffield, 1997)

    Marjorie E. Maclaggan: Shakespeare's use of Sound and Colour (McGill Univ, 1931)

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    Re: Shakespeare and colour symbolism

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    Re: Shakespeare and colour symbolism

    Thanks for your help guys. Indeed, it seems difficult to find those two books . But thanks for the help. I'll see what I kind find in google scholar.

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