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    Talking HELP with my project PLEASE

    I have just been assigned to do a project dealing with babies. It should be a course. Please help me out. Course syllabus, equipment, your experience. PLEASE.

    Buckets of thanks.


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    Re: HELP with my project PLEASE

    "Babies" is a pretty broad topic. I'm tempted to refer you to the "Single Spoke Sub-Header" thread (:::::ducking::::::).

    I think that mapping out an entire course syllabus is a bit above and beyond the traditional English as a Second Language assistance, but what the heck, here's a thought:

    I find the various reflexes that a baby is born with quite fascinating. For example: the Protective Reflex...put a cloth over the face of a healthy newborn, and he will instinctively turn his head from side to side to dislodge it. The Root Reflex...stroke a baby on a corner of its mouth and it will automatically turn his head in that direction and try to suckle. The Grasp Reflex...stroke the palm of a baby's hand and he will close his fingers into a grasp.

    There are many other reflexes that come naturally to newborns, and the baby's pediatrician uses these to check the child for any possible neurological or developmental disorders.

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    Re: HELP with my project PLEASE

    You could also probably add an interesting section to your project looking at the various stages of development a baby goes through before it is born.


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