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    more evolved than that

    Hi, all teachers out there!

    I am wondering what the above phrase actually means ....... i.e.

    a) Humans are far more evolved than animals.

    b) I should tell her I don't like her new hairdo? I am way more evolved than that.

    Your assistance in explaining the above would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: more evolved than that

    To evolve is the verb - Evolution is the noun.
    It means to become different, preferably better, improved..And Iīm not that sure that humans are FAR more evolved than OTHER animals...just because we have computers, a language etc...Itīs a question of senses...a dogīs sense of smell is FAR more evolved than a humanīs...Did you get it?

    ps. WAY MORE is the same as FAR MORE or A LOT MORE..

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