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    How can I express "Life Dream"

    Dear Teacher,

    Would you please help me finding the best idioms or expression to say how important is acheiving something. for example I want to show how much is it important that I get the charter CFA, or designated CFA. Is it correct to say that "Awarded CFA charter is my life dream". Is there better expression or Idiom.

    I will highly appreciating getting this answer.


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    Re: How can I express "Life Dream"

    You could use the word "ambition".

    ambition - OneLook Dictionary Search

    "My ambition is to get the CFA charter."

    But it sounds very strong like that. Presumably when you have the CFA charter, you will then want to achieve something else. So you might want to say

    "My current ambition is to get the CFA charter."

    What is the CFA charter, anyway?

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    Re: How can I express "Life Dream"

    Only you know why getting your CFA is your Life Dream. Just write your main reasons down on paper and then organize them in order of importance. Is it because you've always been fascinated with investments? Do you love working with money and "power brokers"? Is Wall Street your favorite movie? Do you find financial analysis to be challenging, like a giant chess game? Or is being a financial analyst a matter of prestige for you, and getting your CFA degree is the best way to advance in that field?

    Explain exactly what obtaining your CFA means to you and why, and then maybe we can help you a little bit more.

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