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Thread: Midnight selves

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    Midnight selves

    Could you please indicate a synonym for the expression "midnight selves"?
    Thank you!

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    Re: Midnight selves

    If, at midnight, you are alone, private, and without an outside observer, then 'midnight self' may mean 'true self' or it may mean 'private self' or, because it is such a dark hour, it may mean 'the dark (unsavoury) part of one's self'

    This is the kind of poetic license that really needs a context to be properly understood.


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    Re: Midnight selves

    Thank you Jesse for your help, it's quite clear now.

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    Re: Midnight selves

    Another possibility to add to the ones Jesse's mentioned involves a secret set-up or arrangement of some kind: their 'midnight selves' could be 'the roles they adopt at midnight'. There could also be a reference to the fairy tale Cinderella (in which various magical things disappear at midnight) - in this sense 'their midnight selves' could mean 'the way people really are, without the intervention of any benign influence'.


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    Re: Midnight selves

    Yes, it maybe implies that people are completly different people than you expect them to be if you meet them at night.

    She was uptight at the office but a club dancing demon in her midnight self.

    hard to use but i think that ive heard it used this way before.

    Regards, and thanks Bob

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