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Thread: I need help

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    I need help

    M neelam,

    I want to ask how we can make sentences if we are guessing?

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    Re: I need help

    I would guess that you are asking for examples.
    I guess you might be.
    I think I'm correct in saying that.
    You might understand if you read these sentences, but that's just a guess.
    It's a good guess to say so.
    I guess this might be a bit complicated though.
    I bet you are a good student though.
    I think that if you took the time to search the net, then you are a good student.
    You must think I'm writing too much now.
    You might be right.
    It could be so.
    Its uncertain, but I usually do prattle on for too long.
    I think I will just hedge my bets with all these examples.

    <<--- ALL of those sentences are guesses!

    I bet they will help you if you look closely.


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    Re: I need help

    Hi Js,
    Thanks for ur information. Take care



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