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    I drank out of a toy saucer when the water spilt out of the cup, and everybody laughed, pointing at me, so I did it some more. I didn't know that Americans don't drink out of saucers.

    I don't understand 'out of a toy saucer and 'drink out of saucers'

    please help me.

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    Re: saucer

    A saucer is a very small dish that is placed underneath a coffee or tea cup. A "toy" saucer indicates that someone was having a children's tea party, using tiny dishes that come as part of a play set. Since it is a children's toy, instead of actual coffee or tea, the beverage served in the cups was water. The person in the story spilled some of the water out of his tea cup into his saucer, and then proceeded to pick up the saucer and pour the spilled liquid into his mouth.

    Drinking out of a saucer is definitely an etiquette faux pas in the US, but to laugh at someone who makes such a mistake is committing a much bigger social blunder. If you're ever dining out in the US and happen to spill your coffee or tea into your saucer, simply ask the server for a new saucer, or use your napkin to soak up the spilled liquid.


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