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    Smile for a Tuesday


    I found a sentence like this.

    I want to reserve a seat for a Tuesday, the 12th, if it's possible.

    Is this correct? If it is, in what situation should I use this "a"?
    I would like some other examples if possible.

    Thank you for your help.

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    Re: for a Tuesday

    It's OK, though I'd say 'the 12th if possible'.

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    Re: for a Tuesday

    Some more examples:

    If you're in England, make sure you visit Stone Henge - but not on a Bank Holiday.

    I can come any time - except on a Thursday evening
    (which reminds me... )


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    Re: for a Tuesday

    The speaker is saying that any Tuesday will be fine, although the 12th would be the best date. If the speaker had said "for Tuesday", it would have meant this Tuesday and no other day. Or "for Tuesday, 12th" would mean that no other date would do.

    In this case, if 12th is not possible, the speaker would be happy with Tuesday 19th -- but not, for example, Monday 11th or Thursday 14th.

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