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    Mrs tippy toes


    My name is Danijela and I work for a Swedish subtitling company. I wonder if you could explain the expression "Mrs tippy toes". In the context it is referred, quite obviously, to a woman, and the tone is rather negative. Apart from that, the context doesnīt provide much information on what Mrs tippy toes could mean. Unfortunately, I havenīt been able to find an explanation in dictionaries nor on the web, so I hope you can help me out.

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    Re: Mrs tippy toes

    to 'tip toe' means to walk quietly, using the tips of your toes to gently feel the ground as you walk so that you can move without making a sound. Maybe (with out context I dont know) this is supposed to mean "Mrs Sneaky" which would be saying that she is sneaky. Can you tell us more about the context?

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    Re: Mrs tippy toes

    A UK morning television show, GMTV, used to have two presenters in the 1990s, Eamonn Holmes and Anthea Turner, who apparently loathed each other. He publicly referred to her as "Princess Tippy Toes" and gave an ultimatum to the producers of the show that if they did not sack her he would leave. They sacked Anthea. The "Princess Tippy Toes" apparently referred to her pushy nature and possibly over-inflated self-belief. He also said that it was difficult to work with a 12 year-old. As far as I know it wasn't an expression in common use then or since.

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    Re: Mrs tippy toes

    ..Princess Tippy Toes
    Yes, it may mean 'pretentious', someone standing on tippy toes to hold themselves up higher than they usually would be.

    Good info blueabell!

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    Re: Mrs tippy toes

    Thanks for your answers!
    It probably does mean pretentious. Mrs Tippy Toes is in another episode of Emmerdale also referred to as vain.

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