I would like native English help proofread the following sentences. They are instructions to teachers on setting exam papers.
1. If there are options provided for ‘fill in the blanks’ questions, 50% more options should be provided for students to choose from (e.g. 15 options for 10 questions).
2. The pictures should provide detailed information to provoke meaningful interaction.
3. The topic for ‘Question and Answer’ / ‘Teacher - Student Interaction’ should be related to the content of the ‘Reading Aloud’ passage.
4. Sufficient information (both pictures and guiding questions) must be provided to stimulate presentation.
5. Teacher Copy and Student Copy should be written (words within box) on the top right hand corner of the title page.
6. If there is more than one Student Copy, mark the paper using this style, Student Copy A.
Thank you in advance.