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    modals have tentative meaning what does it mean?

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    Re: modals

    Modals have tentative meaning. What does it mean?
    Talking about the Modals, tentative (adj.) = provisional or experimental
    Tentativeness is the quality of being said provisionally or experimentally, one of the meanings conveyed by Modals.
    e.g. I might be able to help.
    MIGHT is considerably more tentative* than MAY. Compare the examples below:
    May I use your computer?
    If I’ve finished my homework and I’m really quiet, might I go out ?
    Talking about people
    *depending on the context, tentative can mean: uncertain, hesitant, cautious, fearful, timid, doubtful, unsure, undecided, unconvinced; considerate; attempting… :) :)

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