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    the message from these missteps

    (context: Some of Wal-Martís problems stem from overbearing pride, a uniquely powerful American enterprise trying to impose its values around the world. At Wal-Martís headquarters in Bentonville, Ark., however, the message from these missteps is now registering loud and clear. In particular, Wal-Martís experience in Germany, where it lost hundreds of millions of dollars since 1998, has become a sort of template for how not to expand into a country.)
    What does "the message from these missteps" mean, esp. "the message"?

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    Re: the message from these missteps

    The business model that WalMart uses in the US does not work in other countries. That is the "misstep" - they didn't study the business practices in areas where they opened stores. (Although I don't know what "overwhelming pride" has to do with anything in this instance. It's a chain store, they sell things, you either shop there or you don't.)

    The "message" was low sales, not enough customers.

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