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    Question Interlanguage

    Hello everybody, my name is Javiera, and I'm from Chile. I'm studying Linguistics at university and I have to do a presentation about interlanguage and second language acquisition. The problem is that I don't have much information about it and I'm a bit confused with the topic. Can somebody help me with bibliography or reliable sources that could help me?? Or if somebody of you has information about it, can you send it to me by email? I would be very thankful about it... you can send me a private message and I'll give you my mail.
    Thank you, and I'm looking forward for an answer...
    best regards, javiera z

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    Re: Interlanguage

    Hi my name is Zarina, i would like to suggest that you read a book by H Douglas Brown PRINCIPLES of LANGUAGE LEARNING AND TEACHING.This is quite a good book where Brown talk about Cross-Linguistic influences and theories , hyphotesis and claim on all these theories.Narrow down what you want and perhaps i can fwd u some articles.

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    Re: Interlanguage

    Hello Zarina, nice to meet you. Thank you for your advice!! I'm looking for information about interlanguage pragmatics in the framework of pragmatics and second language acquisition... I'm a bit confused about the topic, so I don't know how to narrow it down, I hope you can help me.
    Thank you very much, yours
    javiera z

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    Re: Interlanguage

    Well...quite a tough topic ..from what i understand basically interlanguage pragmatics is the studies in understanding the social and practical aspects of second language acquisition.Well there is aso a good book byGabriele Casper "Interlanguage Pragmatic"

    You can focus on L1to L2 language transfer and language socialization theory and factors like linguistic proficiency, cultural deference, formal instruction and types of input that might influence pragmatic performance in L2, i think....others any input ?

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    Re: Interlanguage


    I think tis one best explain interlanguage pragmatic approach to L2
    "the study of language from the point of view of the users, especially of the
    choices they make, the constraints they encounter in using language in social
    interaction, and the effects their use of language has on the other participants
    in an act of communication" (Crystal 1997:301). Does this give u an idea on which part that you should focus on

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    Re: Interlanguage

    Hi Zarina,

    tHis book is quite helpful as well

    Achiba, Machiko. 2003. Learning to Request in a Second Language: A
    Study of Child Interlanguage Pragmatics. Multinlingual Matters
    Hardback: ISBN: 1853596124

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    Re: Interlanguage

    Hello Zarina and Hairani:
    Thank you very much for your help and advice, I'm going to look up these concepts and books... I'll try and any doubt I'll make you know.
    Thank you very much, best regards, Javi

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    Re: Interlanguage

    Great that u find this helpful.Thanks

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    Re: Interlanguage

    You can see Rod Ellis' book Second Language Acquisition...


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