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    Red face narrow escape / whom / who

    1) 'Most people were killed and we had a close shave.'

    • Can I use 'narrow escape' or 'close call' to replace 'close shave'?

    2) 'It was a close call that we didn't hit the sharp edge.'

    • What does "hit the sharp edge' imply?
    • Can I use 'narrow escape 'or 'close shave' to replace 'close call'?

    3) Differences of usage for 'who' & 'whom"

    Thanks / ju

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    Re: narrow escape / whom / who

    1 Yes
    2 It really depends on the context- I don't know what the 'edge' refers to.
    3 Traditionally, 'who' is used for subjects and 'whom' for objects:
    Who told you?
    Whom did you see?
    However, the distinction is less clear in evryday usage. Most speaker would use 'who' in both those examples, though in formal contexts 'whom' is preferred by some. 'Whom' is still widely used after a preposition- to whom it may concern.

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