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    He's never been to Paris....

    In the "Cambridge English Course" textbook there was a good song for the Present Perfect, which starts..

    He's never been to Paris and he's never been to Rome,
    He's only seen the pyramids in picture books at home,

    Can anyone tell me the rest of the words ?

    While I'm here, can anyone help with my unanswered question on punctuation of direct speech, and give me "chapter and verse" on new speech turns on new lines ?

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    Re: He's never been to Paris....

    Iíve never been to Athens, Iíve never been to Rome,

    Iíve always seen the Pyramids in picture books at home.

    Iíve never sailed across the sea or been inside a plane,

    Iíve always spent my holiday in Brighton in the rain.

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    Re: He's never been to Paris....

    Some more:
    Iíve never eaten foreign food or drunk in a foreign bar
    Iíve never kissed a foreign girl or driven a foreign car
    Iíve never had to find my way in a country I donít know
    Iíve always known just where I am and where Iíll never go

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    Re: He's never been to Paris....

    Hi there! I have recently taken a tefl course and our teacher was also looking for this song! I couldnt find a recording anywhere, so i contacted the guys who made it and they are posting the song on there page!

    Here are two links, the first is a link to the lyrics, the second a link to there page, you need to click the music section. They said it will be up in the next few days so enjoy!

    esp-world. info/Articles_3/Music%20in%20the%20ESP%20Classroom.htm

    wordsmusicimages. com/

    As my post count isnt hi i cant post links so take the spaces out please :)

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