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    The paragraph which puzzled me:

    The following paragraph is from Shared Wisdom

    The whole article is talking about how to improve Asian education. But this paragraph seems to focus on the improvement of western education. It has nothing to do with the topic of the whole article. Why is it there?

    (The paragraph which puzzled me:
    In the field of social science, the challenges may be even greater. Prof. Wang Gungwu, a renowned Asian scholar at NUS, says the prevailing assumption in the West is that all social-science theories—even those drawn entirely from American and European experiences—are universally applicable. Hence, there is no need to study other cultures, religions or peoples. In a monocivilizational world dominated by the West, this approach seemed to work. In the multicivilizational world of the future, these assumptions will appear both quaint and irrelevant.)

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    Re: The paragraph which puzzled me:

    I have already solved the problem mentioned int he first post. No need to answer that. Thank you.

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