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    Red face jum-jums, greeting in Thailand

    1) We had fireworks, sparklers, rice and sweet, juicy jum-jums bigger than

    • What does it mean of jum-jums?

    2) In Thailand, instead of shaking hands, people greet with their hands
    putting together.

    • Can you correct the above sentence?
    • How should I call the greeting with hands putting together in English?

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    Re: jum-jums, greeting in Thailand

    2 This is what it's called, but I think very few would now it- I would try to describe it and say it is a Buddhist greeting. I live in a Buddhist country and I had never heard of the word till I came, and there are variations- there is no native word that is widely understood that I know of.
    Namaste - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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