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    linking expressions

    I'a teacher in a Secondary school in Italy (my 17 years old students are at intermediatel level). I need to teach them linking expressions they can use in building logical texts. A simple presentation of all the linking words written on the blackboard risks killing them befor the end of the lesson. I wish I could make it more interesting but don't have too much time to spend in class. Any ideas on how to make linkers more lively? I would appreciate any little help.

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    Re: linking expressions

    I would play a card game in this situation. Write your linking words on cards and go around the class holding them fanned out and face down. The student starts with a simple expression (to avoid shyness / confusion, you can make a separate set of initial phrase cards) and when they are done speaking it, they draw a random link card; they must make up the last part of the sentence on the fly, with feedback from the teacher.

    You could start with just a few link words in your hand to choose from, and gradually expand the set as they become comfortable using them.

    hope that helps.

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    Re: linking expressions

    Thank you so much. I really think I'll do it the way you suggested. It's not difficult either. I think I'll use it for vocabulary teaching also.
    Thanks again.

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    Re: linking expressions

    any time

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