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    bring memory back to...?

    If I want to talk to a group of people about an incident that happened last winter , can I say "I'd like to bring everybody's memory back to last winter"? (The incident was exposed by media so my assumption is many people have heard about it, and I just want to bring up the topic again.)
    As you can guess it's kind of a formal speaking, not a casual conversation.

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    Re: bring memory back to...?

    It would be better to say " I would like to remind you of the events of last winter".

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    Re: bring memory back to...?

    Thanks. But is there a way to bring out the sense of "travel together with me back to last winter"? - I know it sounds a little unnatural... but technically is there?

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    Re: bring memory back to...?

    You can, in fact, use that exact wording. For example:

    "I'd like everyone to take a moment and travel back with me to Berlin in November of 1989, the day the Wall came down...."

    Or you could say "take a moment and think back to that time when...."

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