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    Please correct me at my homework

    Complete the company profile below with either the Present Perfect or a past tense of the verbs in brackets. Pay special attention to irregular verbs and the position of adverbs.

    William Colgate (1) founded (found) the Colgate Company in 1806 as a starch, soap and candle business in New York City. For the first hundred years, the company (2)did (do) all its business in the United States. However, in the early 1900s, the company (3) began (begin) an aggressive expansion programme that (4) led……… (lead) to the establishment of Colgate operations in countries throughout Europe, Latin America and the Far East. In more recent years, it (5) set up (set up) operations in Turkey, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Eastern Europe and China. Colgate-Palmolive (6) was becoming (become) a truly global consumer products company, worth $8.7 billion and selling in more than 200 countries.
    Colgate-Palmolive’s five main sectors of business are: Oral Care, Body Care, Household Surface Care, Fabric Care and Pet Nutrition. In the area of Oral Care, Colgate-Palmolive is the world leader in toothpaste. As a result of the company’s heavy investment in research and technology, it (7)so far, has been developing (so far, develop) many successful toothpastes, rinses and toothbrushes.
    To strengthen its presence in professional products, Colgate-Palmolive (8) has bought(buy) the Ora Pharm Company of Australia and the dental therapeutics business of Scherer Laboratories USA in 1990. For many years, the company (9) has had (have) a strong dental education programme in schools throughout the world and (10) has been maintaining (maintain) a close partnership with the international dental community. Moreover, the company has always paid close attention to the environment.

    Thank you

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    Re: Please correct me at my homework

    Hello Vivi

    Unfortunately we're unable to do or correct homework on this site.

    However, I can tell you that although there are mistakes in your work, you have done well enough to move on to the next exercise.

    Best wishes


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