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    Question done for

    Logan: What’s the deal with Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston?

    Amanda: It’s crazy because they have… They’re probably one of the most dysfunctional, unhealthy couples that I know, but you know what? They learn to make it work that way. They made a… They learn to make wrong work.

    Logan: It’s seems like it. Every time I see her in the news, he looks a little bit out of it, but she looks like she just went through a washer and dryer. She is just done for.


    What is the meaning of she looks like she just went through a washer and dryer and she is just done for?she is finished for what?

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    Re: done for

    "She looks like she's been through the washer and dryer" means she looks disheveled, haggard, unkempt. "She's done for" means she's finished - there's nowhere left for her to go, nothing left for her to do. There's no hope for her.

    (I've heard that she and Bobby are getting divorced; maybe she'll straighten her life out after all. )


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