What are the vocabularies for describing the following:

1) difference texture of meat
eg. stiff, jerky, tender, juicy, undercook, overdone, overcook, race, medium, done....any more?

2) What is the difference between raw and undercook?

3) What is the difference between gravy, sauce, juice?

4) How should I ask the guest in a polite way of how the beef steak / egg would like to be cooked, like 70% cooked, or 90% cooked.....? How should the guest answer in proper/polite way?

5) egg
overcook, undercook, medium, sunny side up.......any more?

6) soup / porridge
thick, thin, watery, tastless...........any more?

7) What is the difference between thin and watery?

8) fruit
crispy, juicy, fruity.......any more?

9) raw green (eg. salad)
crispy, crunchy, fresh, ........any more?

10) veggy
overcook, undercook, fresh, crispy.......any more?

11) bad smell of food as it's deterioated?

12) we say fishy for fish, how about beef, lamb, chicken.......?

13) the bad taste of a deterioated nut, milk?

14) fizzy drink is not bubbling eg. champagne, soft drink, beer? Can I say "a glass of flat beer/champagne/soft drink"?
How should I make a sentence, "The beer has been ________"?

15) Can we say stale for all kinds of food and beverages which have been deterioated?

16) the cake is not spongy?

17) the cake is not totally raised during baking, and turned to poor in presentation and rough in texture?

18) Shall we call aroma for good smell of all food and beverages? How about fragance and smell?