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    Re: Teaching English Methods

    Try to make learning language fun by varying structure of lessons. Show that you have a good sense of humour, since talking in a foreign language often seems strange and intimidating to pupils. If you aren't self conscious, they will be less so when using the language for themselves. Hope this has helped!

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    Re: Teaching English Methods


    There are many activities a teacher of English can use in the process of teaching. Communication activities may be of several different types, but all share certain similar features and , the teacher should structure them in specific ways to ensure that the students will achieve the objectives of the activity.
    You can use :
    1 . Survey[ an expanded form of the interview]. Students may prepare surveys as a whole class activity, in small groups or individually.
    2. Dramatization - it includes all types of "let`s pretend" activities. Role plays and simulations are also types of dramatization.
    3. TV programs - modern day students are products of the TV age and language teachers can take advantage of their knowledge of TV programs to increase the classroom communication activities that challenge them.
    4. Discussions and Debates - teacher may choose an occasion to include a discussion or a debate in a lesson plan.
    5. Content activities. - I suggest activities as : individual reports and presentations, music, films, TV reports, news broadcasts, native speaker visitors, guest lectures, readings,
    6. Problem solving, Information gap , Identity cards
    A problem solving activity is one in which the students` atention is focused on finding a solution to some question or problem.

    There are so many classroom activities a teacher can use in his/her class that it would take much time to write them down. Just think, imagine, improvise and, mostly, search the sites recommended by Tdol and other members on this site. Most of all you should have a well-structured lesson plan before entering your class. When a teacher has a good lesson plan s/he can face possible embarassing questions students can ask the teacher.

    Best wishes,

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