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    A confusing topic

    I'm sorry if this is off topic. But I couldn't make out what the teacher meant when giving me a such a task. So please help!
    Here goes the question for my next presentation: " How is your family origin? Define through your parents"
    Does it mean I gotta present about my hometown, my grandparents ..etc after asking my Dad and mom?
    Sorry if i'm being too dull

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    Re: A confusing topic

    Oooh this is tricky. It almost sounds like they are asking about your ethnic origin but somehow I doubt that. Maybe they are asking about your descendents and what they did or where they lived? I'm really not sure.

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    Re: A confusing topic

    "How is your family origin" makes no sense - "What is your family's origins" would make sense; "How did your family originate" would also make sense. I would go back and ask for clarification of the question.

    I think what Bounty Hunter means is your ancestors.

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    Re: A confusing topic


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