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  1. Sirreth

    "This" or "that"?

    Two paragraphs:
    [...] Shouldn’t companies have reduced their investments? Shouldn’t families have tightened their belts and saved money for difficult times? The opposite happened: the US savings rate even dropped below zero.

    This creates the impression [...]

    "This" or "that" creates the impression? I asked my English teacher and she wasn't sure of it either.

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    Re: "This" or "that"?

    "This" indicates something close by, while "that" refers to something a bit further away. Using "this" here makes the text sound more immediate, more urgent, more up-to-date.

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    Re: "This" or "that"?

    To add a bit about close/further way:

    This in the example means 'what I have just mentioned'.

    That, in a similar context, could mean either 'what I said yesterday', or 'what someone else has just said/said yesterday'.


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