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    Unhappy SSAT--reading. Need help.

    Well, after taken the first version of the upper level Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT), my total percentage was 39%.. I know I can do WAY better then that. But I need some advice. In math and verbal, I did pretty well but in reading, I got a pathetic 28% . I need advice that can help me read faster and understand the meaning of the passage. Please don't reply with a "read more" cause although it helps, it's a time-taking process and I only have a month or few weeks to get ready for a "retake" SSAT test. And also, if you can find a site that lists all vocabulary words I should study for the SSAT, please list them here (or otherwise give me tips on how to pass the verbal section). Getting a high grade on this test is cruicial for me to get into my top highschool choice, Brooks.

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    Re: SSAT--reading. Need help.

    Yes, reading is time-consuming, but nothing can be done about that.

    You might try the BBC online quizzes. Go to: BBC Learning English | Quizzes


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