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    proofread the sentences

    I would like native English speakers help me proofread the following sentences:
    1. The specially designed PowerPoint is an effective teaching aid for teaching reading.
    2. The use of visual and sound stimulus helped students understand the meaning of new words / phrases.
    3. Students were exposed to develop reference skills and were encouraged to develop imagination in the lesson.
    4. The teacher gave clear instructions on where to find the title and the writer of the book (reference skills) and encouraged students to make predictions of what the book was about (reading the book cover) and predict what would happen next in the story (responding to teacher’s questions, e.g. Where did they go? How did they clean the park?).
    5. The extension of choral reading and pair reading can be conducted in a more interesting style. Instead of assigning a student to lead the class to read the story, ask students to role play the story to practise using the appropriate stress, rhythm and tone to read out the story.
    6. The opportunities for students to develop the integrative use of the language skills and generic skills should be incorporated in the lesson design.
    7. Students’ errors should be dealt with properly. For example, one student answered the question ‘Can you tell me who wrote the book?’ with ‘duck’. The teacher-student interaction should not switch to describing the picture on the front cover, but direct the students to address the question with relevant answer. The error can be corrected by rephrasing the question to help students understand the question or by inviting other students to say what the correct answer should be.
    8. In addition, ‘okay’ should not be over used, that makes the speech sound unnatural and less fluent. It should be used when appropriate.
    Thank you.

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    Re: proofread the sentences

    1 The specially designed PowerPoint- specially developed what? PowerPoint isn't developed for teaching, so there must be something missing here
    3 Students were exposed to develop reference skills- this doesn't work to me- exposed to what to develop their skills?
    7- address the question with relevant answer- a/the relevant answer
    8- over used- overused

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