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    When use "sort of" and when "kind of"?

    I'm trying to figure out in which situations I should use "sort of" and in which ones "kind of".

    As in the sentence: I've been kind of busy lately.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: When use "sort of" and when "kind of"?

    They mean more or less the same. There are regional variations; I use 'sort of' much more than 'kind of', but I know many native speakers who use 'kind of' for preference; I've heard some Scots who drop /kena/ into sentences whenever they want to play down any possible emphasis; (this is not standard, of course).

    About 40/50 years ago, I regarded 'kind of' as an Americanism; but the difference in usage is not that clear cut.


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    Unhappy Re: When use "sort of" and when "kind of"?

    I believe that the use of "kind of" and "sort of" is regional. Although it has been wildly spread all over the world. In all cases, I believe it is not a formal expression.


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