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    I am writing a letter in which 4 people are copied. All of these people are the owners of a church at the same address. I would like to write 1 letter and address it to all 4 women. I have included their names at the top of the letter, but how do I greet them? Dear ..... or To Whom It May Concern:?? Not sure..

    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Addressees

    Are you sending each of these ladies an individual copy of your letter? If so then Dear [title + name] is correct.

    If you are only sending one copy, addressed to all the ladies, then : Dear [each title and name]>> Dear Mrs Smith, Mrs Jones, Mrs Brown and Mrs Quick,

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    Re: Addressees

    Or do the 4 constitute an entity of some kind?

    You could then write e.g.

    "Dear Trustees of the St Acme Church, etc."



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