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    Please help edit my paragraphs!

    Dear teachers and members,
    I am writing few paragraphs about the influence of ethnicity on identity. I wrote a little about chinese cultures and traditions.
    I think there are full of mistakes on grammars or sentences...Could you please help edit for me??
    Please it is urgent~
    Thank you very much.

    Ethnicity is the most important to my identity. As a member in Chinese community, I need to follow Chinese culture. I am taught about its tradition and its moral values by my family and society. I have learned to act and talk in a proper manner. In China, people have to show a lot of respect and politeness to elders. There are many names used to describe our relatives and we have to be careful about that. Also, I learned that Chinese people should “never forget where one’s happiness comes from”. In other words, we have to be grateful and never forget other people’s help. Every time we get help from others, we try to pay back the obligation. These values have influenced me and taught me to be a good person. Chinese ethnicity has developed my way of life.
    Traditional holidays are also parts of our culture because it has developed people’s way of life. Chinese regards our traditional holidays as very important because in holidays family can stay together and commemorate history and ancestry. They do customs and celebrate the holidays. They also follow many superstitions during the holidays. For example, on the first day of Chinese New Year, people should not clean up and sweep their house, wash and cut hair because they believe that this will wash away their good luck and good fortune for a whole year.
    Before, I feel these traditional customs are not necessary as they can be restriction to people. They are also old and conservative and there are superstitions that I don’t believe in. However, later I find the traditional holidays meaningful because I begin to have a better understanding of myself and my countries now. I can learn about the origins and the traditional practices and values from people in the past in holidays. Then I can form my own identity based on my own beliefs and traditional values.

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    Re: Please help edit my paragraphs!

    I have a better understanding of my country
    Make paragraphs.


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