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    sphinctered out about something

    Greetings to all teachers out there!

    Once again, I'm puzzled about the meaning of the above phrase as I haven't been able to locate the word "sphinctered" in most major dictionaries. It seems that sphinctered (an adjective) is used figuratively here as opposed to the original meaning of sphincter (a noun). Below is an example:

    "Are you asking if I'm a virgin? Because all my friends' dads are really sphinctered out about it."

    I'd appreciate for your helping me solve this puzzle.

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    Re: sphinctered out about something

    It's not an expression I've met, but your context suggests it's a very informal (coarse) reference to the pop-psychology understanding of the term anally retentive - this is presumably a reference to the anal sphyncter.

    When people say someone's anally retentive they mean 'obsessed and/or inhibited' (and that's what I assume your expression means too).

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    Re: sphinctered out about something

    It might mean something as simple as "uptight".


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