Can anyone edit my paragraph below:

Learning a new language can be difficult because it is not a native language, and people have to learn many skills in order to have better uses of the language. Similarly, learning English is quite difficult. To my experience, I can acquire my English by practicing and learning many skills like reading, writing, speaking and listening. To improve my reading skill, I often read Cambodia Daily or other books that are suitable for my ability, and reading a lot of books can help me remember more new words and improve my reading and speaking as well. Besides reading a lot of books and newspapers, I sometimes listen to English news on radio or TV. I can learn how to pronounce and stress on the difficult words. Moreover, I usually practice doing exercise on Internet. I get to know my grammar by taking tests on internet and try to learn more new grammar lesson that I have never learnt. Practicing new grammar on internet also develop my writing ability. I know how to write and use the right structure and grammar. For speaking skill, I try to speak every day with my friends and colleagues. However, I am still not satisfied with my speaking ability, and I feel like I canít express myself the way I want.