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    Motivating Students to learn languages

    As a newbie, I am unsure if this post belongs here, as it is relevent to all teachers and educators. Please let me know were it should be if incorrect. Thank you.

    Next week we will be commencing a Socrates EU Lingua project called
    "Dont Give Up'. This project aims to build a best practice repository to
    help every level of language education to improve the impact and lower
    the drop-out rates for language learning.

    To complete this repository we will be sending out questionaires and
    carrying out email and telephone surveys of language learning
    professionals (from every level) to build the best practice repository.
    I would be very grateful if List members would be kind enough to help
    the project by giving us your examples of your experiences and, in an
    ideal world, how and what you would do to improve language teaching.

    At this stage please indicate your interest my sending me your name,
    institution and contact details, so that when the project is ready, we
    can send you a questionaire. ( [email protected] )

    The project will then test the best practices in partners language
    schools and finally we will publish the results.

    Thank you for any help.

    Joel Josephson
    Kindersite Project
    Kindersite Project : Educationalists recommend the free Kindersite to introduce Young children to computers in safety. For Kindergarten, Teachers, Parents, Caregivers

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    Re: Motivating Students to learn languages

    Is it only for teachers of young learners?

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