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    our way out?

    Hello teachers,

    May I ask you a new question?

    A little before day, I was enjoying one zombie film directed by George A.Romero.

    The film scene is what an arming truck was surrounded by lots of the
    halfdeads massacring civilians at out of the truck.

    They had ammos enough for saving civilians.

    In the scene, one male character on the truck said the following words.

    "That's our way out"

    (after that, they've retreated from there by the truck)

    Then, I had two-way interpretation for this sentence,

    (1) Omitting sentence of
    "That's our way out of here"

    (2) Leave them alone, this is out of our job.

    Would you mind to help me?
    Which is the correct interpretation?


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    Re: our way out?

    It sounds like the first to me.

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    Re: our way out?

    Thanks very much for your answer!
    I've understood it very well.

    By the way, long time to see,tdol!
    looks like you're staying in Tokyo, ain'tYou?
    Is it for your work here? Anyway I hope you take care of yourself and have a good staying in Tokyo, and also
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    Best Regards,


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