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    multiple choices

    Pls help me to choose the correct answer for following sentences

    1. This seems to be the only __________solution
    a. possible
    b. possibly
    c. possibility
    d. probable

    2. At his first___________, Jack threw the javelin over 100 metres
    a. trial
    b. trying
    c. attempt
    d. time

    3.He ______from professional tennis when he was very young
    a. left
    b. retired
    c. refused
    d. stopped

    4. Her mother doesn't eat meat, and _________
    a. neither does she
    b. she doesn't, too
    c. she does,too
    d. she neither does

    Thanks in advance
    meomuopcon (kitten)

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    Re: multiple choices

    I won't do your homework for you, but if you try it first, I'll help you find the right answers.

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