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    Question car crash /chase


    I was telling a friend of mine about what happened in a movie but I realized I couldn't express what I wanted to say.

    There was a man 'chasing' a woman in a car, trying to 'crash' her car. He 'drove after her car' and kept 'bumping into' it so that he would stop her.

    The police 'came through' and stopped him. She was fine but was bleeding and her car was a little 'crashed'.

    I hope you understood what I'm trying to say. How can I describe what I said in correct English?

    Thank you very much!

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    Re: car crash /chase

    Your description was pretty good. The man was chasing her; he kept hitting her or ramming her with his car. He was trying to run her off the road. The police joined the chase and finally pulled him over. (Or maybe they set up a road block and stopped him - I'd need more info.) The woman and her car were both a little "banged up," but not too seriously.

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