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    excellent work !

    Dear Teachers,

    A. When someone finishes something very well, we will say these right?
    - “good job!” , “beautiful work!”, “great / excellent / good work” or “well done!”.

    B. Tell he good job when he does something good at school, but don’t always be on him about his failures.
    - “don’t always be on him” means “don’t always criticize him”, right?

    Thanks a million


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    Re: excellent work !

    I think its mean is talking about his failures much than his achievements

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    Re: excellent work !

    Hello Nam

    A. Yes; when someone makes a good job of something, you can say:

    1. Good job!
    2. Nice work!
    3. Great!
    4. Excellent!
    5. Well done!
    6. Good work!

    B. Tell him he's done well when he's done something good at school, but don't always be on at him about his failures.

    Or: "don't always go on at him about the things he's failed at".

    And yes, it means "criticise in a persistent, aggressive way".

    All the best,


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