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    What does it mean "philosophical mountain" and "spin my wheels"?

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    Re: Translation

    Quote Originally Posted by Marisa View Post
    What does it mean "philosophical mountain" and "spin my wheels"?
    It would help if you could provide some context for the phrases.

    "A mountain to climb" is a euphemism for a very difficult obstacle to overcome.

    "Spin your wheels" is a euphemism for trying to do something and getting nowhere, derived from being in a car and failing to escape from a muddy surface, causing the car to 'spin its wheels' without gaining traction.

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    Smile Re: Translation

    Thanks for your explanation, it helped me a lot!
    I found the expression "spin one´s wheels" in the sentence:
    "We do not spin our wheels with impression management".
    The other expression was a margaret Thatcher's quote:
    "Why do you climb philosophical mountains? Because they are worth climbing".
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