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    keep the wolves at bay


    Context is:

    She became the whole sales staff herself. She went on calls all day and worked tirelessly to build things back up. Fueled by one small and powerful word, she kept the wolves at bay. Soon there was a very large check in the mail and her company had new life.

    What does it mean to "keep the wolves at bay"?


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    Re: keep the wolves at bay

    Wolves are among the few dangerous animals in Europe and may sometimes attack humans. Keeping them at bay means stopping them from coming too close to you.

    These days, real wolves aren't such a problem, but metaphorical wolves are meant here. Metaphorical wolves would be things like hunger, poverty and homelessness. In the passage, she worked very hard in order to earn enough money to buy food and clothing and pay her rent -- not much money, but enough to keep her alive.

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