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Thread: more badly?

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    more badly?

    "My sister drives more badly than my brother."

    Is this grammatical? Any chance?

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    Re: more badly?

    'Worse' is generally given as the comparative form of the adverb, but 'more badly is used'. Here are some examples from the British National Corpus:

    "I've got the impression some parts of Heymouth were more badly hit than others. So in many cases it's a matter
    2 B1U British Business, 1988). Industrial investment was even more badly affected: in 1980 prices, UK industrial investment was about 8,200
    3 B76 make our life easier. However, they were also more badly infected with witches' broom disease. This disease has devastated cocoa
    4 BP7 at the racecourse. Otherwise you might have been much more badly hurt." "Tell you what." Kelly made an
    5 C96 . But because they are listed, many of the more badly deteriorated buildings and terraces can not be demolished and rebuilt with more
    6 CA8 aircraft of 70 Squadron detachment, T2816) and seven more badly damaged, as were several Marylands. The devastation was tremendous,
    7 CDG badly messed up. I have no desire to be more badly hurt." It was a bit of kinky fun that had
    8 FA0 same data also show that London and the conurbations fared more badly between the mid-'60s and early'70s than either earlier or later and
    9 H8F his intense gaze began to grate on her nerves even more badly than the approaching storm. "Why don't you go back
    10 HGE love, my poor love; you were hurt even more badly than I was." On Dr Neil this had an effect
    11 HKX two strikers were reported to have been wounded and two more badly beaten as the Army dislodged strikers from their occupation of the installations
    12 HTY entered the space station. His sensors must have been more badly damaged than he had originally thought. A timeless red glow seemed
    13 K5D examination of the vessel has revealed that her hull was more badly damaged than had been thought. ABERDEEN Poll tax rebels bankrupted TWO
    14 KDN , taking the same amount of drink one is affected more badly than the other, or worse than the other.

    Source [DAVIES] Variation in English Words and Phrases (VIEW)

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    Re: more badly?

    Thank u very much!

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    Re: more badly?

    Quote Originally Posted by tasdibek View Post
    "My sister drives more badly than my brother."

    Is this grammatical? Any chance?
    I don't care much for that sentence. Tdol is correct, that "more badly" is used, but it is most often used in places where "worse" doesn't work. This is usually before a past participle.

    more badly damaged
    more badly hurt
    more badly infected

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